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B-Royals embark on field upgrades

Burlington RoyalsBurlington Royals (rookie; Appalachian League) players should be happier next season, as the team is in the midst of a turf upgrade at Burlington Athletic Park this offseason.

The city is spending around $30,000 on the field upgrade, which involves removing the existing turf, leveling the field and then installing new turf. The ballpark sees a fair amount of use in a typical baseball season, so the condition of the field is always an issue. From the Times-News:

“It’s dirty over here right now,” [Burlington Royals general manager Ben] Abzug said last week. “But it should be really nice. The most noticeable change is behind the infield has been leveled off. To the guys standing out there, the change definitely (will be noticeable).”

The work should be done by the end of the year.


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