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Can-Am League expands to Trois-Rivières for 2013

Can-Am LeagueA new Trois-Rivières (Quebec) team in the independent Can-Am League was unveiled yesterday, as an ownership group that includes former major leaguer Eric Gagne met with the press.

The ownership group includes Emmanuel Turcotte, Michel CôtéMiles Wolff, Marc-Andre Bergeron, the aforementioned Gagne and team president Jean-François Picard, according to the The Press. Trois-Rivières hosted a series in the Can-Am League in 2010 and has also hosted affiliated and independent baseball over the years, most recently in the ill-fated Canadian Baseball League.

The team will play at Stade de Trois-Rivières, which opened in 1938. The city is expected to put some C$160,000 into ballpark improvements.


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