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Mike Veeck: The most Descartian owner in baseball

Charleston River DogsOur household eagerly awaits the arrival of Garden & Gun Magazine every other month, and that pleasure was enhanced by a major feature on Mike Veeck by Pat Jordan in the October-November issue.

You can read the full article here.

If you know Mike — and I suspect most of our readers do, on some level — you know the life story: son of legendary baseball owner Bill Veeck, co-owner of several baseball teams (St. Paul Saints, Charleston River Dogs, Fort Myers Miracle, etc.), master marketer — and this story doesn’t go much beyond that. However, it does have a killer quote that Jordan buried, a quote that to us sums up Mike to a T:

“I’m insecure. If I’m not funny, I don’t exist. It’s kinda Descartian, ya know? I’m funny, therefore I am.”



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