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Hamilton calls last game; will return for a single sign-off

Houston AstrosMilo Hamilton, one of the great broadcasters in baseball, called his last game for the Houston Astros last night, culminating a 67-year career in baseball.

The 85-year-old Hamilton has been behind the Astros mike for the last 28 years, the last stint in a career that began broadcasting minor-league games in the Quad Cities and included stops with the St. Louis Browns, the St. Louis Cardinals (where he worked with Harry Caray and Jack Buck in the same booth, only to be fired after a year to make way for Joe Garagiola), the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago White Sox, the Atlanta Braves, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Astros, first working behind Gene Elston and then taking the lead role in 1987. More from

He hasn’t worked away games since 2006, and that won’t change now, with the Astros ending the season on the road. (It was an auspicious night for another reason: it was the last home game for the Astros as a National League team.) He’ll return to the air at the end of the last Astros game, signing off from Houston.


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