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Indy teams fighting over Canseco?

Jose Canseco

Well, this is a new one: Jose Canseco can’t join the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings (independent; North American League) because of a contract he signed with the Worcester Tornadoes (independent; Can-Am League) for 2012.

The issue: Canseco signed a contract with the Tornadoes for this season and played 20 games before the two sides parted ways (no, we’re not sure if Canseco jumped or he was pushed). Presumably Canseco pocketed some cash ($100K a month, reportedly) to play for the Tornadoes.

And that contract, not the unspecific “family emergency” originally cited as the reason why Canseco didn’t join the WhiteWings this weekend, is why he’s not with Rio Grande Valley. The team says it’s working out a deal with the Tornadoes to release Canseco from the contract (we’re guessing a few dollars will be changing hands); his bankruptcy is also cited as a factor.

“We have to allow him to work out his legal issues and earlier family matters,” said Doug Robinson, WhiteWings general manager, in a press release. “The WhiteWings are working with Mr. Canseco closely to get him in the lineup as soon as possible.” 

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