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Angels, Seattle going retro PCL this weekend

Los Angeles Angels retro uniform

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Seattle Mariners are going retro Saturday, wearing uniforms based on old Pacific Coast League team designs in each city.

The Mariners are wearing uniforms based on those worn by the Seattle Rainiers, who played out of Sick’s Stadium for decades. The Saturday game at Safeco Field will feature a ceremonial first pitch delivered by 95-year old Eddie Carnett, one of the oldest surviving members of the Rainiers.

The Angels will also be decked in retro togs based on the final Los Angeles Angels look. Look closely at the cap: Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley owned the L.A. Angels before he moved the Dodgers to the West Coast, and the final Angels logo mirrored the cap logo adopted by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Gene Autry ended up licensing the Angels name from O’Malley when the expansion Angels entered the American League.

Image courtesy Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.


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