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Seattle, San Diego extend Peoria Stadium lease

Peoria Stadium

The Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres will train at Peoria Sports Complex through 2034 under the terms of a new lease, which calls for ballpark and clubhouse improvements.

The lease extension wasn’t a surprise — all three players had indicated a willingness to commit to a deal for months — and neither is the scope of improvements to the Peoria Stadium complex, the first MLB training site designed for two teams. The 20-year lease calls for Peoria to invest $48 million over the life of the contract, which includes an initial investment of $15 million each for improvements in the Mariners and Padres clubhouses ($30 million total) and $6 million in ballpark improvements. Construction of clubhouses is expected to be completed by spring of 2014.  Potential ballpark improvements include seating enhancements, party deck, façade improvements, plaza area, and upgrades to field and lighting systems. By year 14 of the agreement, the city will contribute an additional $6 million for improvements to both clubhouses with another $6 million set aside for stadium improvements.

“Coming to an agreement with the two teams was a top priority for the city,” said Peoria Mayor Bob Barrett. “The Mariners and Padres are a big part of Peoria’s history, and I am proud that we were able to keep the two teams in a sustainable and fiscally responsible manner which benefits everyone.”

“When the Mariners and Padres came to Peoria, we were the first Cactus League teams to share spring-training facilities. Now, five out of the 10 Phoenix area facilities are shared. The Mariners and City of Peoria have had a great relationship over the last 20 years, and we’re happy to be calling the Peoria Sports Complex our spring-training home for another 20 years,” said Chuck Armstrong, Seattle Mariners President and COO.

“The Padres and Mariners set the trend 19 years ago when they partnered with the city of Peoria to develop this complex,” said Padres President/COO Tom Garfinkel. “We thank the city for all they have done and are proud to continue that tradition.”


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