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NAL sells Yuma Scorpions in stock transaction

Yuma ScorpionsThe independent North American League has sold the Yuma Scorpions and other operating considerations to Godfather Media for five million shares in the firm’s OTC stock, valued at $200,000.

Godfather Media, Inc,. based in Mission Viejo, Cal, acquired 100 percent of the assets of the Scorpions, as well the right of first refusal to the operating territories of Henderson (Nev.), San Luis Obispo (Cal.), San Diego and Riverside (Cal.) for the next three years for 5 million in Godfather Media, Inc. restricted common stock (GFMD, beginning the day trading over the counter at $.04). The Yuma Scorpions will continue to operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Godfather Media.

Godfather Media, a successor to Energy King, has restructured in recent months, with a stated focus on mobile and social computing, along with entertainment properties.

“This is the start to our new business strategy and our goal is to continue to grow rapidly through strategic acquisitions, such as the Yuma Scorpions,” said Godfather Media CEO Michael Cummings. With this acquisition, we’ve achieved a significant milestone and I look forward to our continued success. We have acquired an asset, which I believe will yield a significant return to our shareholders.”

In the early days of the Golden Baseball League — a predecessor to the North American League — Yuma was a successful franchise and among the league’s top draws. But the atmosphere at Desert Sun Stadium generally declined in recent years; in 2010 the team missed payroll and was on the move. Last season the league retooled the team and brought in Jose Canseco as player-coach. a deal that failed to translate to box-office goodness: the Scorpions announced only 1,432 fans per game. No word on whether Canseco wants to return: lately he’s been lobbying MLB front-office types via Twitter to give him a tryout, saying he can still hit Major League pitching.

“We think this is a very good thing for the future of professional baseball in Yuma,” said Diamond Sports and Entertainment CEO Brian MacInnes. “No matter who owns it and pays the bills, a minor league baseball team really belongs to a community. We are grateful to have been the shepherd of the Yuma Scorpions for seven seasons and for having had the opportunity to contribute to the economy and quality of life in this wonderful town. Godfather Media can bring significant corporate resources to support the team and coupled with their other media and entertainment experience, they should provide lots of fun and excitement for Yuma fans.”


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