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Marlins shut down upper deck at Sun Life Stadium

Florida MarlinsMakes sense when you play in the largest facility in Major League Baseball: The Florida Marlins are shutting down the upper deck at Sun Life Stadium for the rest of the regular season save a few special events.

The cost of manning operations in the upper level outweighs the number of fans actually buying tickets up there. The team had already shut down the upper level for weekday games; the move covers weekend games as well. A few big events, like the last Marlins games in the stadium, will probably see the upper level opened.

It’s not an unusual move: the Montreal Expos barred access to the upper deck of Olympic Stadium during the final days of that franchise, the Minnesota Twins curtained off upper-deck sections in the Metrodome to decrease capacity, while the Oakland A’s shut down the upper level of Coliseum and installed tarps over the seats several seasons ago.

The Marlins are averaging 17,101 fans a game this season. The official capacity for baseball at Sun Life Stadium is 38,560, but overall the place seats 75,192. Season-ticket holders in the upper deck will be moved to lower box seating.

It’s the last season for the Marlins in Sun Life Stadium: Next year the Miami Marlins will be playing in a new ballpark.


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