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York’s Arch Nemesis undergoes facelift

Billed as the tallest wall in professional baseball, PeoplesBank Park’s left-field Arch Nemesis is undergoing a renovation for the 2022 York Revolution (Atlantic League) season.

Standing six inches taller than Fenway Park’s Green Monster at 37 feet, 8 inches, the Arch Nemesis wall has been part of the Revolution ballpark experience since the ballpark opened. Renovations have begun and are expected to be completed this coming March.

Managed by Revolution sponsor Kinsley Construction, the project will include replacement of the wall’s 160 plywood panels and all of the wood that mounts the painted panels to the wall’s steel beams. 

The project will also refurbish the fan-favorite manual scoreboard at the base of the wall, an element of Revolution games since day one and a rarity among professional baseball facilities.

Installed at the time of the ballpark’s construction in 2007, the Arch Nemesis derives its name from the road behind the ballpark, Arch Street, which is home to several houses within range of home run baseballs.

York Arch Nemesis

“The Nemesis was not added to the ballpark as decoration or a retro sort of design element,” said Revolution President Eric Menzer via press statement. “The wall was included in the design because of our outfield’s proximity to Arch Street traffic and the homes along it. And after doing its job dutifully for our first 14 years, it has earned the renovation that will enable it to protect our neighbors and frustrate batters for many years to come.”

Menzer added that the team’s upcoming 15th anniversary season provided an additional reason to replace the wall’s well-weathered panels, some of which the team will cut up into small pieces for a giveaway next season for those who would like to literally own a piece of their favorite ballpark or a piece of baseball history.

“It seems fitting that one of the ways we mark the team’s anniversary is by renovating one of the most famous elements of the ballpark,” Menzer said.

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