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St. Paul Saints announce SPIRE Credit Union sponsorship

CHS Field: Jan. 29, 2015

The move to a new ballpark is bringing new and expanded sponsorships to the St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association), as the team announced a Founding Partner deal with SPIRE Credit Union.

SPIRE Credit Union has been a sponsor during the team’s time at Midway Stadium, but the new expanded deal is an eight-year partnership.

“As a long-time sponsor, SPIRE is honored to be a founding partner of CHS Field,” said Dan Stoltz, President & CEO SPIRE Credit Union. “We look forward to a continued relationship with Mike Veeck and the St. Paul Saints.”

As part of the deal SPIRE Credit Union is sponsoring a unique interactive area along the 360-degree concourse in right field: the SPIRE Credit Union Home Run Porch.  The area will allow fans to enjoy the game from a one-of-a-kind perspective, peering over the 18-foot high wall and down toward the field.  The distinctive area allows fans to mingle atop the home run fence while taking in all the action

SPIRE also will be bringing over a staple from Midway Stadium. The SPIRE Tire Race will be a key element in providing fans between inning entertainment at CHS Field.  Three contestants begin at the right-field foul line and must roll a tire around the outer edge of the infield with the winner being the first to cross the left field foul line.  The promotion has become one of the more entertaining events over the years as contestants stumble over tires, fall into each other or watch as a wayward tire travels toward an outfielder.

“We have experienced 22 ​ magical seasons due in large part to our amazing fans and incredible business partners,” said Saints Executive President/General Manager Derek Sharrer.  “I couldn’t be happier ​to announce ​that ​our very first Founding Partner at CHS Field ​has been a member of the Saints family for several years, SPIRE Credit Union.  Dan Stoltz and his staff ​share our passion for customer service and fun and for many years ha​ve enhanced that value for our fans​.  We look forward to a long partnership ​with SPIRE​ at CHS Field.”

(CHS Field webcam screencap — shot from the right-field wall — from this morning.)

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