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Compadre Stadium finally set for demolition

Milwaukee BrewersVacated by the Milwaukee Brewers following 1997 spring training, Chandler’s run-down Compadre Stadium could be demolished this summer, as a developer has proposed housing on the site.

Compadre Stadium has always presented an interesting issue for Chandler officials. Despite the boom in spring-training facilities in the greater Phoenix area, Chandler officials never really pushed Compadre Stadium as a site for a relocating team or sought state money for renovations. So basically it’s sat empty for more than a decade, with goats occasionally prowling the playing field to keep down the weeks. But the grandstand remains, and it’s occasionally used for meetings.

Standard Pacific has proposed tearing down the ballpark and redeveloping the lot for a residential community. The firm has held neighborhood meetings and will be submitting the plan to Chandler’s Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for approval. From the Arizona Republic:

When it opened, the stadium was lauded as state of the art. The Brewers requested upgrades as the facility aged and other teams moved into upgraded facilities, but Chandler balked at the expense….

Many neighbors who attended the information meeting said they did not mind losing the stadium because it is not being used.

“I’m always sad to see a stadium pulled down,” said Linda Goth. “But somebody’s got to do something with it.”


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