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Boomers hit Kickstarter goal: fans fund zombies promotion

Schaumburg ZombiesThe Schaumburg Boomers (independent; Frontier League) successfully raised $5,395 from fans on Kickstarter and will play as the Schaumburg Zombies on June 7.

Kickstarter is a website that allows individuals and organizations to raise funds from fans and others using crowdsourcing. Rewards are based on the amount of money pledged: in this case, $25 gets you a ticket and a T-shirt, while $500 gets you four tickets, zombie makeup, and the chance to throw out the first pitch. Kickstarter and Amazon take a bit off the top for running the program and processing payments. Here’s the Kickstarter campaign for the Boomers/Zombies.

Under the terms of the Kickstarter campaign, the team will change its name to the Schaumburg Zombies for one night and go with the whole zombie theme, featuring new uniforms, a makeup artist both for team employees and fans, and between-innings entertainment aimed toward the undead. (As the Boomers pitched: “We have a few other tricks up our sleeves for the night, including having one player literally rise from the grave before the game, playing zombie movie clips and sound effects during the night, and even serving specialty food items (brains? or at least, chocolate brains) at the concession stands.”) Here’s a pertinent quote from Boomers President/GM Andy Viano in our first article on the campaign:

“Admittedly, it’s a free way to get publicity during a slow time of year,” he said. “We pushed it out on social media, and it’s something for us to talk about the next few months. It’s just another arm of the social media stuff we do now.”

The campaign runs through tomorrow, if you want to throw in a dollar or two.

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