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Simunic set to return to RedHawks

Fargo-Moorhead RedHawksWe don’t spend a lot of time covering managerial hirings, but this one is worth noting: Doug Simunic is set to return for three more years with the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks (independent; American Association). 

Simunic is one of the great characters of baseball and the winningest coach in independent baseball.

He began his coaching career with the Rochester Aces during the Northern League’s inaugural 1993 season, following the team north when it began play as the Winnipeg Goldeyes. He jumped ship to the RedHawks when the team began play in 1996. Since then he’s been the colorful face of the RedHawks, feuding with his former employer and umpires regularly. During one notable incident, he was run out of a game against the St. Paul Saints at Midway Stadium, along wth then-Saints coach Marty Scott. The two decided they wanted back in the action and donned the sumo uniforms for the between-innings wrestling bit. They went at it, but when the home-plate umpire realized who was participating, he booted them again, making Simmy one of the few players or coaches to be ejected twice from the same game.

The contract runs for three more seasons, which would mark Simmy’s 20th in Fargo-Moorhead. It also includes a two-year option.

“Good work deserves to be rewarded,” said RedHawks President and Owner Bruce Thom.  “Doug has done a fabulous job for 17 years, and we are happy we could get a new contract in place.”

“I am very happy to continue as part of this organization moving forward,” Simunic said. “I love the Fargo-Moorhead area, the fans, and being part of a first-class organization. I couldn’t think of another organization in this league I would want to work for.”

Simunic has his team in the playoffs again. The opponent? The dreaded Goldeyes. Should be a good time.


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