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Saints “Aints” promotion draws wrath of Fox News

St. Paul SaintsThe St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) are holding a promotion sponsored by Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists, and the morning hosts at Fox News are none too pleased.

On the Night of Unbelievable Fun, set for Aug. 10, the Saints will wear special “Mr. Paul Aints” jerseys during the game against the Amarillo Sox with the jerseys being auctioned off. The evening will focus on figures many find unbelievable, such as Big Foot, Area 51 and the Loch Ness Monster.  More important items, such as the meaning of life, will not be discussed. 

“We want everyone to have ‘A Night of Unbelievable Fun,’ ” said Eric Jayne, associate president of Minnesota Atheists. “We’re inspired by the comedy of Saints games.  Expect to see some off-the-wall, self-deprecating humor at this game.”

This promotion led to a apoplectic outburst from the good hosts of the Fox News morning show, Fox & Friends, who urged fans — especially good Christians — to stay away from the ballpark or at the very least pray for rain. From correspondent Eric Bolling:

“And you ain’t got to go to that ball park and you ain’t gotta, you know what you can do, you can pray for rain that day which all of us good Christians will be praying for rain. Come on, really, baseball, American, all American, apple pie STAY OUT OF THE BALLPARK. Don’t bring the religion into the ballpark, let these people have a good time…” 

To each their own. 


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