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No beer, no ball: Pecos League and Carlsbad part ways

Pecos LeagueThe inability to sell beer has prompted the independent Pecos League and the city of Carlsbad to part ways in a discussion of a future franchise.

The Pecos League’s Andrew Dunn has worked for several years on a Carlsbad franchise, going to the point of naming the league’s 2011 traveling team the Carlsbad Bats and exploring two ballpark sites in the city. 

The lack of a suitable site for pro ball certainly hindered the league’s efforts. But the biggest factor in the league walking away: the city’s refusal to issue a license to sell beer.

“They wanted alcohol, and we couldn’t accommodate them,” Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway said. “It just wasn’t going to work.”

Dunn wasn’t pleased.

“The city told us they didn’t want us,” Dunn said. “Carlsbad is supposedly the baseball capital of the world. We’re not good enough to play in Carlsbad apparently.”

Carlsbad is the baseball capital of the world?


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