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Life on the bottom indy league: $50 a week

trinidad triggersYou must really love baseball to play in the independent Pecos League, where players receive $50 a week and some teams draw as little as 150 fans a game.

Now, most of us in the baseball world remember a time when we were doing it for the love of the game, whether it was as a poorly paid intern for a rookie-league team or running a website for a year or so before it generated serious revenues. 

The entire Pecos League is based on this business plan: smaller towns hosting baseball and not expecting a whole lot of profit. For the Trinidad Triggers, that means drawing 150 fans a game, paying players $50 a game, and having the local Chamber of Commerce raise $40,000 in sponsorship money before the season starts so expenses are covered. (That $40,000, by the way, is the most sponsorship money for a team in the circuit.) We’re not talking about a business plan that will make anyone rich; we’re talking about a business plan for those who love the game.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Right now the Triggers are at a break-even point. A community has baseball. And players have another chance to prove their worth.

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