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For Wildcats, move to Hi Corbett Field pays off

Hi Corbett Field, Tucson

As the University of Arizona prepares to host an NCAA Regional, one thing is clear: the move to Hi Corbett Field this season has paid off handsomely for the Wildcats program.

The Wildcats have always been a power in college baseball, but Sancet Stadium — a nice little ballpark literally in the shadows of the on-campus football stadium — did not keep pace with the times. Still, it was a gutsy decision to move the Wildcat baseball program off campus to venerable Hi Corbett Field, longtime home to minor-league and spring-training baseball in Tucson.

To put it in perspective: last season the Wildcats baseball program generated a total of $69,000 in ticket revenue. This season, a series between Arizona and Arizona State alone generated $98,500 in ticket revenue. And Hi Corbett Field, with its larger capacity and additional amenities, is a perfect place for an NCAA Regional. We’re guessing it won’t be the last one.

Photo by Jack Kurtz taken when Hi Corbett Field hosted Colorado Rockies spring training.

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