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New Flyers owner to pay off Fullerton debt?

Orange County FlyersCal State-Fullerton officials would welcome the Orange County Flyers back to Goodwin Field — but only if the team’s new owners, Godfather Media, pays off the team’s $75,000 debt.

Before the final version of the Flyers folded, the owners owed $75,000 in back rent at Goodwin Field. That debt has remained unpaid, but as Godfather Media attempts to put together a lineup for a 2013 unveiling of the new independent American West Baseball League, there’s the desire to put a team in Fullerton

That’s fine with Cal State officials — so long as the team’s debt is paid off. Now, it probably wasn’t the best move (legally, anyway) for Godfather Media to buy the liabilities as well as the assets of the Flyers. (Indeed, in retrospect, all Godfather Media received was the rights to the Flyers’ marks, some merchandise, the right to the Fullerton market in the North American League and debts. Not the best of purchases, in retrospect, even if it was paid in Godfather Media’s penny stock.) So Godfather Media will be $75,000 in the hole in its Fullerton operation before a pitch is thrown — and won’t be making anything in revenue until the 2013 season.

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