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Pacifics, North American League season to proceed as planned after court victory

Opponents of an Albert Park lease for the San Rafael Pacifics (independent; North American League) lost their motion to boot the team, allowing the team and the circuit to proceed with the 2012 season.

The Albert Park Neighborhood Alliance had argued the leasing of Albert Park by the Pacifics would violate the park’s original grant, which specifies that outside events are limited to a single week in length. The alliance lost its first court decision in Marin County Superior Court and then appealed. The First District Court of Appeal declined to issue an immediate ruling against the Pacifics, allowing the season to proceed, but with a caveat — the appeal will go forward, meaning the Pacifics could end up losing the appeal down the road. 

The stakes were high for the appeal: Pacifics officials said that without the team’s participation, the Northern Division of the North American League would probably fold (the six Texas teams would be unaffected). Things are now safe for the 2012 season, but be warned the Pacifics could indeed lose the appeal, which would affect 2013 and beyond.

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