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Edmonton out of North American League

Edmonton CapitalsThe Edmonton Capitals have pulled out of the independent North American League, saying only three other Northern Division teams are committed to the circuit for 2012.

The team’s presence in the league was seen as iffy by insiders after it became apparent travel mate Calgary Vipers were not going to field a team this season.

From a statement issued by the team:

“With just four teams registered for the 2012 season in the Northern Division of the NAL, down from ten teams in 2009, it is no longer acceptable for the Capitals to continue operations under such circumstances. In addition to the Capitals, the other four squads are based in Yuma, Arizona, San Rafael (San Francisco), California, and Maui, Hawaii.”

The team drew 125,000 customers last season at Telus Field. The Capitals are owned by Rexall Sports and Entertainment, which also owns the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers.

With only three teams, the future of the NAL’s Northern Division is in serious doubt. However, the league’s other division — six Texas teams playing in five venues — has already released a schedule that calls for no inter-division play.

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