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River Bats to be made over for 2012 under new ownership

St. Cloud River BatsThe new owners of the St. Cloud River Bats (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) say they’ll make over the franchise with a new name and new colors while paying back rent on Joe Faber Field.

Gary Posch and Joe Sexton, owners of a local auto dealership and investors in the Willmar Stingers (summer collegiate; Northwoods League), met with the press for the first time today after closing on a purchase of the team from Joel Sutherland, who launched the franchise in 1996. The pair outlined their plan to make over the team, beginning with a new name and identity. Scott Schreiner, a former River Bats GM, is investing in the team as well and will serve as team VP.

Posch and Sexton will also need to work out a new lease for Joe Faber Field; the team’s current lease expired with the franchise owing $38,753.92 in back rent

Of course, we’re going to get all sentimental and say the team should fly under the St. Cloud Rox banner: growing up near St. Cloud, we spent enough time driving by the old ballpark on Division Street. The Rox, of course, was St. Cloud’s longtime entry in the original Class D Northern League. But we’re guessing the new owners will spend less time on nostalgia and more time on potentially lucrative, marketable names.

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