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Saints: Tweet your wiener with us

Tweeting Wiener Boxers

Never let it be said the St. Paul Saints (independent; American Association) let a good scandal go to waste: In honor of National Hot Dog Day, the team is offering Tweeting Wiener Boxers Saturday night.

Obviously inspired by Rep. Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former Congressman whose career went down in a string of naughty tweets, the team is handing out boxer shorts with an image on the front of a blue bird taking a photo of a Wiener with his phone.

To add to the festivities, fans will be serenaded through the night by their own Tweeting Wiener, as Master of Ceremonies Joe Wiener (yes, that’s his name) will send out tweets and twit pics during the night from the top of the third-base dugout. It is expected that following the game, Saints fans will encourage Wiener to resign.

Speaking of the Saints: here’s a nice profile of GM Derek Sharrer, one of the good guys in baseball.

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