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New plan for old Bush Stadium: apartments

Bush Stadium

Still in a state of disrepair, Indianapolis’s Bush Stadium has been the subject of many redevelopment plans over the years, most of which would preserve the grandstand — but the latest plan would certainly be a most unique take on ballpark preservation.

The plan, which will be officially announced this week, calls for 100 loft-style apartments to be build in the grandstand of the 1931 classic ballpark, with a glass wall facing the old diamond. Part of the old ballpark grounds would be converted to office space, with the chance there could be a restaurant in the mix as well.

Bush Stadium

The specifics still need to be unveiled; as we said, an announcement is expected this week. The ballpark has been used for several non-baseball things, including auto racing and auto storage. There have also been proposals to turn the ballpark into a soccer facility.

Bush Stadium was the home of the Indianapolis Indians (Class AAA; International League) through 1996, when the team moved to downtown’s Victory Field. It opened in 1931 as Perry Stadium and was renamed Victory Field in 1942 to honor the American war effort. It was later renamed Bush Stadium in 1967 for Indianapolis native and MLB player Donnie Bush.


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