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Start-up Southwestern States League now at five teams

Southwestern States LeagueYet another independent league emerges for the 2011 season: the Southwestern States League will compete with teams in Blackwell (Ok.), Brenham (Texas), Clovis (N.M.), Elk City (Ok.) and Kingfisher (Ok.), though plans for an Idaho division have been dropped.

We are talking some pretty small towns here: Blackwell had a listed population of 7,688 in the 2000 Census, while Elk City‘s population was tallied at 10,510 in the same census. There are some decent ballparks in the mix — like Red Rock Stadiumbut we’re looking at a league happy to draw 250 fans a game but expects to draw players with an $80,000 payroll.

You can check out the league’s Website here.

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