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Baseball advisory board formed in Loudoun County

Harmon Killebrew, Peter Kirk and Brooks Robinson are on the advisory group working toward a new ballpark and Atlantic League franchise in suburban Washington, D.C.

The Kincora Baseball Investment Group today announced the formation of a Kincora Baseball Advisory Board. The investment group has proposed a 5,500-seat minor-league ballpark close to the intersections of routes 28 and 7 in Loudoun County. The ballpark will be the center plate of Kincora, a proposed 400-acre mixed-use project which includes 165 acres of parks, trails and open space.

The proposed ballpark will be on the public hearing agenda for the Board of Supervisors on June 8. The following have been named to the Kincora Baseball Advisory Board: Harmon Killebrew, Peter Kirk, Brooks Robinson, and Dr. Tom Songster.  John Horshok has been named chairman of the board.

As two of the most recognized names in baseball, Killebrew and Robinson are in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Kirk is former chairman of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues (NAPBL) and currently has ownership in three Atlantic League teams.

Songster has worked with Eunice Kennedy Shriver on International Special Olympics since the origin of the program in 1968.  He helped the program to grow from one country and a handful of athletes to more than 2.5 million participants in 200 countries.

Horshok has been involved with international sports for many years, including ownership and the management of three minor-league baseball teams. He was the first person to be selected by Coca-Cola to direct the strategic development of Coca-Cola being the first corporate sponsor of the International Special Olympics prior to becoming Executive Director for the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association.

"This is a significant opportunity for all Loudoun County residents. Minor-league baseball is unique in offering family affordable fun. To be able to offer it to the community without using any public funds distinguishes this project as a wonderful chance to promote the community in a very special way–minor league baseball is a lightening rod for fun,” Horshok said, referring to the fact that Kincora property owners are offering to build the ballpark without the use of public funds.

The Kincora developers are working with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for approval in time for the 2011 season. Additional advisory board members will be named after county approval. "We are delighted to have such a distinguished organization working to bring baseball to Loudoun County," said Michael Scott, one of the property owners of Kincora. "The proposed baseball park will provide significant economic benefit to the county and the residents, and will bring a much-needed family venue to the community."

The Kincora Baseball Advisory Board will serve as a strategic partner to Kincora ownership and will be responsible for evaluating core opportunities and operations to include:

  • Creating a Mission Statement and assemble team ownership
  • Overseeing baseball team acquisition and management
  • Managing ballpark design and construction process to insure ballpark is not only built "green" but is sustainable.
  • Attracting key corporate partnerships
  • Enhancing economic impact by designing strategies to recruit both marketable and grass roots community programs
  • Promoting Loudoun County tourism and partnering with the community.

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