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ULB closes down Alexandria operations

Assistant GM Andrew Aguilar was laid off by the league on Friday, leaving the Aces without any employees.
Assistant GM Andrew Aguilar was laid off by independent United League Baseball league on Friday, leaving the Aces without any employees and observers wondering if the league will indeed survive for a 2009 season.

Out of the six ULB teams, three have some serious issues. First, the Alexandria Aces have no employees at all, and city officials say they have no commitment from the league that a team will be playing at Bringhurst Field next season. GM Chet Carey had left the team at the beginning of November, leaving Aguilar as the sole employee. (Technically, the team has not vacated the Bringhurst Field offices, but there’s no one answering the phones.)

In Harlingen, as we reported last week, the ULB team has vacated their offices — forcibly, as the city has locked the WhiteWings out of the ballpark over $100,000 in back rent. The city and the league disagree over the amount owed to the city, and the Harlingen City Council is expected to address the issue this week.

In San Angelo, minority owner Harlan Bruha is suing the league over control of the Colts franchise. His lawsuit, as well as one brought by league founders John Bryant and Byron Pierce, attempt to force league owners Brad and Gary Wendt to continue operations as a six-team league and not sell off the two most valuable franchise in a fire sale. A Dallas court is expected to look at the Bryant/Pierce lawsuit on Jan. 12, 2009.