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Newark Bears may fold

The Newark Bears (independent; Atlantic League) are on the verge of folding, according to multiple reports in the media.
Times are getting rough on the economic front. Just ask Marc Berson, the owner of the Newark Bears (independent; Atlantic League), who is on the verge of throwing in the towel on the underperforming franchise. He says financial losses is forcing him to make some hard decisions about the future of the Bears. Downtown Newark has always been a hard sell for Berson; the Bears drew only 2,746 fans a game this season to Newark Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium, second to last in the Atlantic League. City officials say they’ll try to help find a new owner for the team. We’re a little surprised Frank Boulton and/or Steve Kalafer didn’t step in given what’s obviously a crisis situation: Boulton bailed out Bridgeport earlier this month, and maybe he’s not in a position to bail out another struggling franchise. More from