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Stow trial goes to jury

The lawsuit brought by Dodger Stadium beating victim Bryan Stow against the Los Angeles Dodgers and former owner Frank McCourt is now in the hands of a jury. Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan attending the Dodgers-Giants 2011 season opener, brought the civil suit after being severely by Dodgers fans in the Dodger Stadium parking […]

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Kasten: Dodger Stadium renovations could hit nine figures

Saying the renovations could end up costing hundreds of millions, Stan Kasten outlined some of the physical improvements new owners have planned for Dodger Stadium. While Dodger Stadium is a crown jewel of Major League Baseball ballparks — now the third oldest, after Fenway Park and Wrigley Field — it’s also been steadily neglected since it was […]

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Time Warner mulling stake in Dodgers?

Time Warner is reportedly looking at investing in the Los Angeles Dodgers to gain a competitive advantage in landing the team’s television rights. Dow Jones is reporting that the move would be made to nullify a small advantage Fox Sports has in retaining the team’s television rights: Fox’s current deal with the team gives it […]

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Dodgers sale enters final stretch

Major League Baseball owners approved three groups bidding for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodger Stadium, with owner Frank McCourt hoping for a billion-plus sale price. It’s been a couple of busy months for McCourt’s legal team, as he works to sell the Dodger assets before the end of the month. During the process several […]

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