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Stow trial goes to jury

Los Angeles DodgersThe lawsuit brought by Dodger Stadium beating victim Bryan Stow against the Los Angeles Dodgers and former owner Frank McCourt is now in the hands of a jury.

Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan attending the Dodgers-Giants 2011 season opener, brought the civil suit after being severely by Dodgers fans in the Dodger Stadium parking lot. The incident began after the Dodgers‘ 2-1 win over the Giants, with fans returning to their cars. A group of Dodgers fans began taunting Giants fans, and things quickly escalated to a brawl of sorts, with two Dodgers fans beating a downed Giants fan. Stow was in critical condition and is still undergoing rehab. He asking for $37.5 million in damages.

This is the sort of lawsuit where no one looks good. Victim Stow, argued the defense attorneys, was partially at fault because of a blood-alcohol level of .18 percent and eyewitness reports of belligerance before the beating. From AP:

[Stow attorney Tom] Girardi contended the team and McCourt failed to provide enough security to keep Stow and other fans safe at the Opening Day game in 2011 between the state rivals.

“Dodger Stadium got to a place where it was a total mess,” Girardi told jurors. “There was a culture of violence. Beer sales were off the charts.”

Defense attorney Dana Fox, said the true culprits were Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, Dodger fans who beat Stow and have pleaded guilty. They were not sued, he noted.

Jury deliberations will continue today.

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