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Stow wins Dodgers lawsuit; McCourt found not liable

Los Angeles Dodgers

Bryan Stow, the victim of a vicious beating in the Dodger Stadium parking lot in 2011, won a $18-million verdict against the Los Angeles Dodgers and his attackers, but former owner Frank McCourt was found to be not liable by the same Los Angeles jury.

The Dodgers are responsible for $13.9 million of the total award. The two attackers — Dodgers fans who beat Stow, a Giants fan — are liable for the remainder. From the Los Angeles Times:

Although the jurors found that the Dodgers shared just 25% of the liability for Stow’s injuries, assigning the rest of the blame to his assailants, the organization is responsible under California law for the entirety of his medical bills and lost earnings. The team is required to pay only a quarter of the more than $5 million that jurors said Stow should receive for his pain and suffering.

Fox said his clients offered to settle before the trial and again after it started. He said the team hadn’t decided whether to appeal….

Although elated with the trial outcome, the Stows said the ordeal for their family will never really end. Their son will always have brain injuries and physical limitations. And Dave Stow said that the trial had dredged up details about a night that will always be incomprehensible to him.

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