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Jamie McCourt: I want chunk of Dodger proceeds

Los Angeles DodgersJamie McCourt is back in court, arguing that Frank McCourt’s sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2 billion after a valuation of $300 million in divorce proceedings represented fraud — and she wants her share.

Jamie McCourt’s lawyers are seeking to overturn the divorce settlement that saw her walk away with $131 million, with Frank McCourt retaining the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium. In the divorce proceedings, the team had been valued at less than $300 million — even though the McCourts had paid Fox $430 million — and the final settlement was based on that valuation. 

Whether she gets the court to reopen the divorce settlement remains to be seen: a hearing is scheduled for Nov. 16. It would be hard to prove fraud unless there’s some sort of smoking gun, and in fact Jamie McCourt’s attorneys seem to say it will be hard to prove, including a fall-back argument that even if fraud wasn’t involved, ineptitude alone would be enough to reopen the case. 


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