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New Wisconsin Brewing branding means changes for Lake Country Dockhounds

Lake Louie BrewingLook for some changes to the Lake Country Dockhounds (American Association) in 2023, as Wisconsin Brewing will rebrand as Lake Louie Brewing and add a five-barrel brewhouse to the Oconomowoc ballpark.

The Dockhounds play out of Wisconsin Brewing Company Park; Oconomowoc is in the far-western Milwaukee suburbs.

Wisconsin Brewing launched in 2013 by Kirby Nelson and other investors after a departure from Madison’s Capital Brewery. It acquired the Lake Louie line in 2019. Lake Louie has a typical Wisconsin brewing origin story: home brewer begins brewing in his back-yard shed and finds success with the popularity of his wares. Lake Louie, by the way, is the pond in back of the back-yard shed. With the rebranding, Lake Louie will be the only consumer-facing branding for WBC; we’ll see if the rebranding carries over to the ballpark. But, with the five-barrel brewhouse, the Lake Louie name will be more prominent.

Traditionally, however, ballpark breweries on the minor league level have not been hugely successful; fans express delight in fresh beer and then end up buying the cheaper Bud. Then again, this is Wisconsin. When a new Northwoods League ballpark opens in Hudson in future seasons, it will be accompanied by a Lift Bridge Brewery taproom and brewhouse. A microbrewery is planned for a new Edmonton Prospects ballpark. And don’t forget: the popular Blue Moon beer was developed at a ballpark brewery, Sandlot Brewery, inside Coors Field, with an original moniker of Belly Slide Wit.

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