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MiLB playoffs, extended season on tap

We will have some Minor League Baseball playoffs this season at three levels, while the Triple-A season has been extended by two weeks, as the improvisational nature of the 2021 MiLB season continues.

When the 2021 MiLB season was announce after the grand reorganization, playoffs were not on the agenda. But, since we’re making up things as we go along, we’ll see playoffs at the Double-A, High-A and Low-A levels, as the top two teams in each league will face off in a best-of-five series beginning Sept. 21. (Winning your division won’t get you into the playoffs.) Everyone else will be heading home after the end of the regular season on Sunday, Sept. 19.

In Triple-A, we won’t see playoffs, but we will see a two-week extension of the 2021 season. In Triple-A East, the first additional five-game series will begin on Sept. 22, while in Triple-A West the first additional five-game series will begin on Sept. 23. Both leagues will see a series-ending five-game series begin Sept. 29 and end on Oct. 3–the same date the MLB season ends.

The specifics of the additional two weeks of play have not been posted by MiLB or teams. Given the emphasis on containing costs this year, one can imagine it will be a home-and-away series based geographic proximity. These additions will please fans and broadcasters yearning for playoffs, but in a season where many owners have operated under very trying conditions, there wasn’t a whole lot of enthusiasm among front-office folks we chatted with who are faced with additional expenses at a time of year when it’s hard to get fans out to the ballpark.

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