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Mallards launch ultimate promo: Every batter is a beer batter

Beer batters are cornerstone promos in the Minor League Baseball and summer-collegiate worlds. The Northwoods League’s Madison Mallards are taking it a step further: for a game, every batter is a beer batter.

The promo, in partnership with Great Dane Brewing, extends the traditional Great Dane Beer Batter promo: if the Great Dane Beer Batter strikes out in a game, beer is half price for the next inning. With the Green Bay Booyah in town on June 25, every batter will be the beer batter.

For each Booyah player that strikes out through nine innings, the cost of beer will decrease fifty cents, meaning some beer options will become complimentary if Mallards pitchers exceed 12 strikeouts. (No pressure there.) Discounts will be applied after the third out of each Booyah at-bat, with the discount potentially continuing to grow throughout the game. If the price decreases to zero dollars, the price will reset at full price at the top of the next inning.

Through the games of June 17, Mallards pitchers have struck out an average of 9.625 batters per nine innings, meaning beer prices would be either $1.50 or $2.50 each, depending on style of beer purchased.

Additionally, beer will be free for the rest of the evening if one Mallards pitcher completes an immaculate inning: three strikeouts on nine pitches.

To assure responsible drinking, fans will continue to be limited to two beers per trip to the concession stand until beer dips below half price. In the event of 12 strikeouts or an immaculate inning, fans will be allowed only one complimentary beer per half inning if 12 strikeouts happen prior to the seventh inning.

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