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New for 2019: Baton Rouge Rougarou

Baton Rouge Rougarou

Branding has been unveiled for the Baton Rouge Rougarou, a new Texas Collegiate League team that will begin play in Louisiana’s capital city in 2019. 

Planning has been underway for the new Baton Rouge summer-collegiate club. A name-the-team contest was conducted over the last several months, culminating in Thursday’s announcement of the Rougarou identity.

The branding was chosen from a slate that featured four competing finalists, including the Fightin’ Beignets, Mighty Flamingos, Red Sticks, and River Monsters. More from The Advocate:

“It is real,” said Uri Geva, the founder and co-owner of the Clutch Entertainment Group that runs the six-team league in Texas and Louisiana. “It is as real as you can get.”

Geva and Mike Phillips, the league’s director of business operations, unveiled the nickname and logo, which depicts a green swamp monster wielding a bat, that the team will use in its inaugural season.

The rougarou is often described as a creature with a human body and the head of a wolf or dog, similar to a werewolf.

“Rougarou was a name we never thought would come up,” Geva said. “As Texans, we didn’t even know it was a thing … so we had to look it up. But we had a lot of fun with the name and just being creative with it.”

The Rougarou will play its home games at an upgraded Pete Goldsby Field, a facility that was first constructed in 1956 and is used by Baton Rouge Community College’s baseball program. Among the improvements on tap for the ballpark include an upgraded sound system, new seating and party decks, and protective netting. The Texas Collegiate League is scheduled to begin its 2019 season in late May.

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