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Not New for 2018: Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place

Joliet Slammers

Despite a claim it made as part of an ongoing campaign, Cards Against Humanity has not purchased the naming rights to the home of the Joliet Slammers (independent; Frontier League). 

The Slammers have become part of the Chicago-based Cards Against Humanity’s satirical “Cards Against America Saves America” holiday campaign. As part of that campaign, Cards Against Humanity issued a claim on its website that it secured the naming rights to Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place, home to the Slammers, and a banner with that name was even affixed outside of the ballpark earlier this month.

While it has attracted some attention for the club, Slammers president Nick Semaca confirmed that there is no naming rights agreement in place. More from The Herald-News:

Cards Against Humanity has something going on with the Slammers, the baseball team that plays there and manages the city-owned stadium. But it did not buy the naming rights that the Slammers have been trying to sell for 16 months.

“We have not negotiated naming rights or sold naming rights,” Semaca said.

As fake as the naming-rights announcement may have been, Cards Against Humanity did provide the Slammers lots of publicity and gave followers of the promotional campaign vouchers that can be used to attend games in the 2018 season.

Interest has brewing since a banner was hung at the stadium’s front gate on Dec. 5 with the words “The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place.”

The Slammers have, in reality, been seeking a new naming rights partner, as the team’s previous agreement with Silver Cross Hospital for Silver Cross Field expired after the 2016 season.

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