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Express to Replace Field at Dell Diamond

Round Rock Express

After the field was hit with a rare mutation, the Round Rock Express (Class AAA; Pacific Coast League) are undertaking a replacement project at Dell Diamond

Dell Diamond opened in 2000, and a replacement project was completed before the 2014 seasons. While that was a fairly normal timeline for replacing the original field, the new surface proved to be problematic. It contained a rare mutation, which was discovered during the 2014 season and, while the team did what it could to maintain the area, the Expressed opted to completely replace the surface this year. More from the Statesman:

However, the Bermuda Tifway 419 sod installed at Dell Diamond was found to have a mutation that caused parts of the field to grow more quickly than others and led the grass to spread into dirt areas such as the basepaths and warning track. The Express grounds crew didn’t realize there was a problem until the growing season arrived in June of 2014.

“This thing was just so aggressive,” said Nick Rozdilski, head groundskeeper for the Express. “It probably took over 15 percent of the field the first year and then the second year 50 (percent) and then this year 75-80 (percent).”

Because there was no way to quell the mutation, Rozdilski said, the grounds crew had to work harder every passing day to keep the field immaculate and game-ready. As the problem worsened, team officials decided to replace the field.

Fortunately for the Express, the process is underway and is expected to wrap up in the middle of November. Before beginning the project, however, the team hosted the two-day TRAXXAS Monster Truck Destruction tour from October 1-2. It is not uncommon for teams to roll out on-field events shortly before replacing the field, but monster trucks are an interesting way to send off a playing surface.

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