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Bullfrogs Present Revised Ballpark Pitch

Green Bay Bullfrogs

The Green Bay Bullfrogs (summer collegiate; Northwoods League) could be back on track for a new ballpark after presenting a revised plan. 

During a meeting with Green Bay officials on Tuesday, the Bullfrogs and parent company Big Top Baseball delivered a reworked version of their previous proposal for a new ballpark in downtown Green Bay. Under the new plan, the city will borrow $8 million to help pay for the project, with Big Top Baseball providing $1 million upfront, plus an additional $4.5 million over a 20-year lease. Including interest, the ballpark is projected to cost $11 million.

Another key component of the new plan is additional private investment in the surrounding area. As partners in the project, Anduzzi’s Sports Club and Mark Skogen would both invest in the ballpark project, which is being dubbed The Shipyard. This component of the project was welcomed by the Green Bay Redevelopment Authority. More from the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

Under a preliminary agreed approved by the city’s Redevelopment Authority Tuesday, Anduzzi’s would build a $2 million restaurant on the northwest end of the stadium. Skogen, the CEO of Festival Foods, would privately invest $2.5 million in an indoor, 2,000-person concert venue and event space at the southwest corner of the stadium.

Green Bay Economic Development Director Kevin Vonck said The Shipyard could spur redevelopment of adjacent commercial and residential neighborhoods over the next three to five years. He said the city is in discussions with two residential developers about building 120-160 apartments on the site north of the stadium and the boat slip that splits the city-owned site in half.

“The events center would serve as a catalyst for the area,” Vonck said. “Then we would focus on high-quality developments to the north and west of it.”

This spring, the Bullfrogs proposed a similar project, but with a lower annual rent payment. That proposal was eventually rejected by the Green Bay City Council’s finance committee, prompting Tuesday’s presentation.

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