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Parkersburg mayor: We’re working on Frontier League team

Frontier LeagueIt’s been in the works for over a year, and Parkersburg (W.Va.) Mayor Bob Newell says he has a deal to bring an independent Frontier League team to his city.

Parkersburg previously hosted Frontier League baseball, but that was at a subpar facility during a time when the league was in its beginning stages. With the Frontier League now mature, the expectation is that a new ballpark will accompany a team owned by the Washington Wild Things, the Frontier League franchise working on a new West Virginia locale. The thing to remember: the two sides are only at the beginning of a cooperative agreement to bring baseball and a new ballpark to the city.

For the record: Parkersburg is the third-largest city in West Virginia — but the population is only 31,492, per the 2010 census.

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