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Pacific Association, United League Baseball down to four teams for ’14

Pacific AssociationWe have some schedules and info as two independent circuits, United League Baseball and Pacific Association, are down to four teams apiece for 2014.

The Pacific Association will play with four California teams in 2014, as two Hawaiian teams — Na Koa Ikaika Maui and the Hawaii Stars — are suspending operations for 2014. With existing California teams unwilling to foot the bill for transport to Hawaii, there was no opponents for the two teams this season. Despite the setback, owner Robert J. Young says he’s putting together an all-Hawaii league for 2015, as set forth in a press release:

“While I’m keenly aware that the great baseball fans who have supported us these past four years will not have their own home teams to root for this season, we are well on our way to begin our own Hawaii Professional Baseball League for 2015, when I hope to see all our fans and supporters back in the stands,” according to the statement.

However, Young will remain in the Pacific Association, taking over operations of the Vallejo Admirals as managing member and owner.

“I am thrilled and honored to join the Admirals and continue its operations as a member of the Pacific Association,” said Young. “I look forward to working with the great fans here and being a part of such a storied community. We are confident that we will bring affordable, family, fun entertainment and quality professional baseball to the passionate baseball fans here and in Solano and Napa Counties.” The team came out of the gate quickly, signing Garry Templeton II as field manager.

The Pacific Association lineup for 2014: the San Rafael Pacifics, Vallejo Admirals, Sonoma Stompers and the startup Pittsburg Mettle, playing at City Park.

Also at four teams this season: United League Baseball, which will play with the Fort Worth Cats, San Angelo Colts, and the Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings and Mexico Paisanos both playing out of Harlingen. 


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