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New Hamptons team will buck tradition: No nickname

Hamptons Professional Baseball ClubThe new Hamptons team in the startup Independent Professional Baseball League will be unique: it won’t have a nickname, in the manner of professional soccer teams here and abroad.

Hamptons Professional Baseball Club is the name of the team, according to team president Dan Malley. As you can see by the logo, he’s taking a very European approach to the team marketing. It is an interesting notion: instead of zigging toward some outrageous team name designed to make headlines, Malley is zagging with a more refined approach — and a unique one, to be sure.

The current plan has Hamptons Professional Baseball Club playing in the IBL in 2015. Now, as of now, there’s been no games played in the Independent Professional Baseball League, which was originally set to launch in 2012, with owners now saying they’ll play next year with two teams in Ohio, one in Michigan and a travel team to round out the four-team circuit. Right now the league is casting about for owners, and as they’ve found out, launching a pro baseball league is hard work. So we’ll see whether Malley’s audacious plan works out.


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