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Canaries poised to break attendance record

Sioux Falls CanariesWe expect to be running lots of stories about teams setting attendance records in coming days, so here’s a start: the Sioux Falls Canaries (independent; American Association) are only 2,688 fans from a record, with four home games remaining.

The current team record is 150,837 fans attending Canaries games in 2008. This year, 148,150 fans have come to Sioux Falls Stadium across 44 dates.

“We are thrilled with the response of the community this year, and we can’t thank them enough,” said Canaries CEO/President Tom Garrity. “None of this would be possible either without our corporate partners. We’re very grateful for all of their support this season.” 

The Canaries currently average 3,367 fans per game, matching the pace set in 2000 when a renovated Sioux Falls Stadium debuted. That clip is a 26 percent increase from last season’s 2,664 average, and it is a 116 percent surge from 2011. A new ownership group and a return to the Canaries moniker clearly has resonated in the community.

“This goes beyond simply returning to the Canaries name,” Garrity said. “It’s our goal to provide an entertaining and family-friendly environment, and we know our fans wouldn’t settle for less.”

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