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Report: Fort Worth Cats players, vendors go unpaid

Fort Worth CatsA report from WFAA-TV in Dallas-Fort Worth says Fort Worth Cats (independent; United League Baseball) players, coaches and vendors are going unpaid at the end of the season.

From the WFAA website:

“My last paycheck, I took it to the bank Tuesday afternoon and it would not clear,” said first base coach Mike Ford.

News 8 has talked to three other players whose checks either bounced or who say they’re weren’t paid under their contracts.

The Cats have a checkered financial history. Two years ago, the La Grave field, where the club plays, went into bankruptcy. The club was purchased by a group led by former congressman John Bryant.

Other vendors reporting unpaid bills to WFAA include the ballpark cleaning service, front-office personnel, the team bus service (Cowtown Charters) and Brett Brothers (the holding company for the various business interests owned by Bobby, John and Ken Brett, which includes equipment sales). Bryant says payments are being held up because of concerns over the quality of products shipped by this vendors; a Brett Brothers rep says there’s not been a single complaint about the quality of baseballs shipped to the team.


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