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New Malden ballpark pushed back to 2016

Proposed Malden ballpark

With land acquisition still a major issue, the opening of a new Malden (Mass.) ballpark has been pushed back to 2016.

The issue: even though Alexander Bok has a $20-million lease for the former National Gas site in downtown Malden, the ballpark project requires three other parcels to work. So far there’s been no deal for the three additional parcels, although talks have been underway. From the Boston Globe:

“There is a process going on, and I think they’ve [parcel owners] asked, and we’ve agreed, to have a private commercial transaction with them,” developer Alexander Bok said Thursday. “Ultimately, we’re confident we’ll be able to gain control of the properties.”…

Malden Mayor Gary Christenson has facilitated a series of discussions between the land owners and Bok’s group since February in the hopes of ironing out a deal. Before those negotations started, Bok hadn’t spoken to the landowners since 2008.

Reached by phone Thursday, Bok refused to discuss the progress of negotiations on the three parcels near the main parcel on Commercial Street that need to be purchased for the stadium to be built.

If a deal for the properties can be reached, construction on the ballpark would begin in a year from now; Turner has been inked to build the ballpark.

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