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MiLB: Baseball game is affordable family fun in 2013

Minor League BaseballWith the average cost for a family of four to attend an MiLB game this season totaling $62.52 in 2013, Minor League Baseball continues to be affordable family entertainment.

“When stacked up against other professional sports leagues and family entertainment options, Minor League Baseball proves year after year that it provides the most bang for your buck,” Minor League Baseball President Pat O’Conner said. “Our clubs work year-round to provide their fans with experiences that are memorable, family-oriented and budget friendly. Each ballpark and club brings something unique to its fan base, but one thing they all share is the privilege of serving the communities which embrace them.”

The family cost of $62.52 is just $1.29 more than last year, while the Triple-A ($70.03) and Class A ($62.47) averages fall within a dollar of their 2012 totals. The cost of attending a Double-A game this season went up only $1.07 to $62.64. The Short Season-A/Rookie classification average is $56.37, up $2.09 over last year.

The average costs were calculated using the prices of two adult tickets, two child tickets, four hot dogs, two sodas, two beers, a program or scorecard and parking at the 160 clubs in the domestic-based leagues that charge admission, according to a press release issued by MiLB.

The ticket prices are based on the most economical fixed seat in the ballpark. Adult tickets are available for $8 or less at nearly 75% of MiLB ballparks. Discounted child tickets are offered at 80 percent of them. Many clubs also have free or special ticket prices for senior citizens and/or military personnel.

  MiLB Triple-A Double-A Class A Short Season/Rookie
Adult Ticket $7.27 $8.23  $7.23 $7.34  $6.49
Child Ticket $6.23 $6.63


$6.38 $5.73
Hot Dog $3.11 $3.52 $3.11 $3.14  $2.75
Pop $2.97 $3.18 $3.05 $3.00  $2.69
Beer $5.15 $5.89 $5.05 $5.13  $4.62
Program $2.27 $2.73 $2.62 $1.90  $2.18
Parking* $4.57 $5.36 $4.36 $4.31  $4.13

 * applied to teams that charge for parking.


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