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United League returns to Alexandria

United League BaseballThe independent United League Baseball is returning to Alexandria (La.), as the league reached a tentative agreement to place a team at Bringhurst Field for the 2013 season.

Alexandria was an original ULB member, but as of late the Alexandria Aces were part of the summer-collegiate Texas Collegiate League. Last season the Aces played under some bad circumstances: portions of Bringhurst Field were deemed unsafe, leading Aces owner Eric Moran to pull the plug on the team for 2013 because of the limited seating

Apparently the United League folks are willing to live with those limitations. From the Town Talk:

The seating configuration at Bringhurst will be mostly the same as it was in the final Aces games. The metal seats in the lower part of the stadium and the bleachers on the far side of the right- and left-field lines will be available. So will the lower rows of the large section of bleachers behind home plate.

[League VP Craig] Brasfield estimated capacity with those seats available at 1,200-1,300.

Further investment in Bringhurst will wait until the city has more information on the pluses and minuses of renovating the park, which was built in 1933.

The City Council is expected to approve the lease on April 17.

United League Baseball, which was part of the North American League the past few years, is now at six teams for 2013: Fort Worth, San Angelo, Edinburg, McAllen, Alexandria and Harlingen.

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