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Bridgeport mayor: We’re ready to open new ballpark for 2014 season

Frontier LeagueBridgeport (W. Va.) Mayor Jim Christie says his city is ready to open a new ballpark for the 2014 season to house an independent Frontier League team — if funding issues can be worked out.

Of course, veterans in the baseball world know that the issue of funding is typically the biggest hurdle in opening a new ballpark, so perhaps Christie is a little optimistic about hitting a 2014 opening date. Discussions at the Winter Meetings didn’t indicate this much optimism about the ballpark among Frontier League types, so the announcement means either that a) Christie is incredibly optimistic and b) this is one of the fastest-progressing ballpark projects we’ve seen in some time. Still, Christie and reps from Genesis Partners are pretty optimistic about work beginning within 90 days, so we’ll see.

The ballpark would house a team owned by the Washington Wild Things.

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