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Trinidad, Raton may share Triggers

Trinidad TriggersAlthough Trinidad (Co.) fans want to see the Trinidad Triggers (independent; Pecos League) return to Trinidad State Junior College’s Central Field, the need to broaden the fan base may involve playing some games in nearby Raton (N.M.).

The Triggers didn’t draw all that well, and the league has reported some issues with Central Field. Those issues apparently are being resolved, but in the process league officials also met with Raton folks about playing some games at Gabriele Field. Now, we’re not talking about a pro-ready facility: we’re talking about a playing field and some seating. There’s no fencing around the ballpark, and nothing like the amenities you’d find at a pro ballpark. But playing games there does broaden the team’s appeal — and the team may go under a new name, Trinidad-Raton Triggers, for 2013.

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