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New for 2013: Taos Blizzard, Pecos Bills

Pecos LeagueThe independent Pecos League is working on a two-expansion for 2013 with the Taos Blizzard and Pecos Bills, but lease deals and other issues need to be worked out before either team takes the field.

In Taos, the issue is the ballpark at Taos High School, where the team would play: interestingly, the high-school ballpark has a beer license (!) but no lights. There’s no plan to install lights, so the team will need to work on some early start times. Plus, the team won’t play a full slate of home games; instead, the Pecos League will go to an unbalanced schedule where some teams will play only 20 or so home games and teams like Santa Fe will play upwards of 50 home games.

The league will own both teams.


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